I love to read, always have and always will. I have lived a thousand lives with each passing page of the many adventures I go on daily. Reading came back into my life about 3 years ago. I was hella stressed, over worked and under paid, family drama pounding on the front door and no escaping out the back door, till I found my books again. Once I opened a book up, it seemed all my issues, family drama, work troubles all just melted away. Books are a wonderful distraction from that bitch of a thing call life and the real world. I pray everyone experiences the many joys that a book can open up for them...oh and world peace of course. I love read, reviewing, and meeting new friends. Please feel free to make some awesome book recommendations, and chatting books anytime you fancy. Oh and dark chocolate and iced coffee ( any coffee really) are a sure fire way to win over this girls heart.

Sweet as Sin Review By: J.T. Geissinger

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This book was a wild and crazy ride from start to finish! Just when you think you have it figured out...BAM; another wicked curve ball comes flying at you at 90MPH!! Just hold on pretty ladies it’s gonna be a crazy good time of a ride.


Kat is a spunky little fire cracker and I believe that's what drawls Nico (holy hot name batman) to him. Well that and the girl is drop dead gorgeous with a nice set of tatas! It’s in love between the two. The moment they laid eyes on each other, I swear I heard fireworks and wedding bells collectively. Kat hears them too…but quickly thinks she is just being crazy pants and dismisses the idea of love at first site.


Nico is a famous rocker who is use to getting what he wants. The tabloids have painted a picture of Nico that is so not the truth…however, the truth might actually be worse than the lie. So he lets them assume what they want till Kat comes along, and he is willing to move mountains for this sassy makeup artist. They meet on set of his newest Music Video, and when the leading girl for the video falls ill, Nico tells Kat she is filling in!


After a bumpy start to their uniquely charming relationship, Nico and Kat endure more trials and tribulations that any soap opera drama ever could. Like seriously I read parts of this book with my mouth hanging wide open, there was no point to close it because in a few more chapters it just dropped open again. I wish I could say more. I’m dying to say more, but I can’t you need to experience these “WTF?” moments in all its “WTF” glory. God, my head is still spinning. I recommend this book to anyone who just needs a drama mama kinda adventure with a dirty talking Rock Star!


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The Strongest Steel Review

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The Strongest Steel - Scarlett Cole

OHHH man what a wonderful gem of a book this was. This was just a beautifully written book. It had it all... humor, charming characters, sweet stolen kisses, fear, lust, and love. Love..that was one of the strongest emotions I had while getting lost in this story.

We meet Harper first- a sweet, wonderful, scared, and broken women. She is running from her past. A past so horrible I have no idea how she made it through the other side as sane as she did. Don't get me wrong, everyday is a struggle for her, being around people, human touch, living. Yes, she is alive and breathing in the wonderful salty air of Miami Beach, but until she meets the sexy as sin, and sweet talking tattoo artist Trent, she realizes she hasn't lived life for a very long time.

Trent..oh my baby, my hero, my man Trent! I could lay on his tattoo bed , under his magical talented hands all day long! Hell why stop there, how bout all my life? Yes, I like door number 2 much better! What can I say about Trent that could do the man justice? I I wont even try to sum up all the amazing, wonderfulness that makes him the man he is, Harper's man. He was exactly what Harper needed in her life after the wake of tremendous trauma and abuse. Over the course of many tattoo session for an amazing back piece Trent is doing, they find out more about each other, he listens, wipes away her tears, soothes and heals her one broken piece at a time. He was gentle, yet firm when it called for, sweet, sexy, and oh my the dirty mouth on that man!!! Honeyyyyy!!!

Trent just came swaggering into my life and knocked all my other Book boyfriends off the shelf. Just Alpha bulldozed himself right to the top of my list, and I'm A ok with that! I recommend this book to anyone who ever needed a hero by her side.

** ARC was provided by author in exchange for an honest review. **